• 2019-04-09

Digitalization is now the CEO’s agenda!

Digitalization is now the CEO’s agenda!

Digitalization is now the CEO’s agenda! 150 150 Vágány Tamás
2019 ceo meeting about Digitalization

Digitalization is now the CEO’s agenda!

Magora Advisors was sponsor of the event 2019 Jubilee CEO Meeting on 4-5 April. The CEO meeting, held with the participation of more than one hundred top executives, saw plenary sessions, free discussions and a number of round-table talks.

This year discussion was all about digitalization. Digital transformation may not only help companies to grow, but may even promote growth in the entire country, as was the main message of Magora Advisors Managing Partner Tamás Vágány at the 2019 Jubilee CEO Meeting, last week. Speakers included Árpád Rab, senior researcher, Corvinus University Budapest who emphasized that this is the first generation in history that must cope with both learning about a technological innovation and teaching their children about it a point when they have attained nearly complete dissemination.

Tamás Vágány went on to add that Magora Advisors wished to play a mediator role between the latest technology innovations and the corporations. It is hoped that as a result, sustainable growth may be achieved despite the rapidly changing business environment.

The Next 18 years Round-Table

Magora Advisors represented by Tamás Vágány was invited to The Next 18 years Round-Table, talking about future of technology, moderated by Ágoston Hortobágyi CEO of DO-Q-Ment Kft.

Top company leaders were around the table, including but not limited to G. Nagy Balázs Hungarian Service and Outsourcing Association, József Kerekes HPE, Csaba Reményi Oracle Magyarország Kft., Mucsányi Zoltán Oppenheim Law Firm. Here are some of the topics have been discussed; Is digitalization a bigger smoke than a flame? Digital System Change = Generation Change? LegalTech Theme – Where Law and information technology meet? SME and Big Enterprise Digitalization Vision – What’s the Difference?

Mr. Vágány emphasized that in 2019, digitalization has to be in the focal point of CEO activities. At Magora Advisors we closely work together with all of our customers and support and promote their digital innovations. Our ultimate goal is to find unique solutions to today business problems that our customers face. Thanks to our work, our customers increase their competitiveness and grow with a sustainable business model.

Tamás Vágány also added, Cloud has now proven itself and the days of evangelization are just about over. The business side of most companies recognized the potential of the cloud and has become much more involved in decisions about Cloud and in commissioning its use. As enterprises shift more of their apps and workloads to the cloud, managing the costs associated are critical. Businesses need to apportion operational costs to the line of business functions for the cloud to be an effective long term strategy within the enterprise. When you include private/hybrid cloud in the mix, having the right tools to support this cross-cloud governance is of increasing importance.

On the forum were also attended speakers as Péter Tölgyessy PhD at the Hungarian Academy of Siences and Péter Lakatos Vice President of Confederation of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists.

The imposing Chateau Béla was the perfect and permanent setting for free discussions, networking, while building and nurturing relations continued well into the night.

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